About Knuddels.com

Knuddels.com provides a fun and easy way of chatting, playing, flirting, and meeting with people over the internet. Our guests chat about a large variety of topics, ranging from hobbies, news, sports, love, politics, and much more.

The service is entirely free to use and it is open to everyone above the age of 14. Just enter one of our many themed chat rooms to experience the open and friendly athmosphere and to explore the many special functions and hidden treasures.

Knuddels.com's special features that you should not miss include

  • Interactive, multi-player online games, such as Billards, Beach Volleyball, and the mysterious Mafia 2.0---an extremely fast and mind-boggling game about gangster, detectives, and regular citizens like you and I (or wait, are you actually one of the gangster? I'm not so sure any more...)
  • Features, features and features, such as initiating blind dates, throwing cakes, holding channel elections, giving gifts, and much more...
  • A photo database and rating functionality that gives you a more visual impression about who you are chatting to.
  • State-of-the-art youth protection functions. If you experience misbehavior of another chatter, just hit the "emergency" button at any time during your visit. This will immediately cut off the conversation to your conterpart and will guide you through a process for reporting the missbehavior.
  • An online forum, personal guest books and easy-to-edit personal homepages